Post Op

BLEEDING – keep firm pressure on the gauze in your month for 45 minutes. After that, take gauze out of the surgical area.

  • If no bleeding persists, leave site alone.
  • If bleeding continues, replace it with new moist gauze (tap water) for an additional 30 minutes. If bleeding is still continuing, use a moist tea bag in place of the gauze.
  • If heavy bleeding continues, call the office ASAP.

SWELLING – Ice pack should be applied on and off over the surgical area for the first 24 hours as much as possible. Application should be 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. Maintaining the head elevated for the first 24 hours also aids in controlling bleeding and swelling.


PAIN – Pain and discomfort following surgery is normal and can last for several days. For severe pain please take the prescribed pain medication as directed. Replace pain medication as soon as possible with over the counter medication such as, ALEVE, ADVIL, or TYLENOL (if you are not allergic to these medications).


DIET – A soft and cool diet is advised for the first 48 hours. Avoid hot liquids the first day because it may cause bleeding to continue.


PRESCRIPTION – Please take all medications as prescribed by the doctor.

  • Antibiotics and swelling medications must be continued until finished.
  • Pain medication taken ONLY as needed.


SMOKING – Avoid smoking post operatively as it tends to slow healing process


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Limit physical activity for the first 48 hours. Over exertion may cause increase post operative bleeding or discomfort.


Emergency phone: (pager) (718) 579-6000 enter pager 27307 then enter your phone number followed by # key.

Please call office phone # for routine follow-up appointments and non-urgent questions